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DUI & alcohol & drug assessments


Dr. Wyatt is licensed by the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to perform substance abuse assessments (including alcohol and drugs). She is also a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor ("LADC"), licensed by the Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors. Dr. Wyatt routinely performs drug and/or alcohol assessments related to court and driver's license proceedings, particularly DUI and DWI charges. Assessments are performed for the State-required fee which is currently $160 (subject to change) and generally take about two (2) hours of the client's time to complete the testing. An individualized report is then prepared and provided to your attorney for court use. This can allow you to take ADSAC (Alcohol Drug Substance Abuse Course) courses.


Dr. Wyatt is one of the few State-certified DUI Assessors located in downtown Oklahoma City. The Wyatt Group office is within walking distance of both the state and federal courthouses, so that it is convenient to our client's court appearances. Arrangements can be made for "after hours" appointments to accommodate the client's needs.


Click on the DUI Assessment Form below to present to your attorney for the information necessary to complete the DUI assessment. Fax the form to (405) 232-4556 to schedule an appointment.

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Dr. Vicki Harris Wyatt


501 N. Walker Avenue, Suite 110

Oklahoma City, OK 73101


(405) 232-1000 Phone

(405) 232-4556 Fax


E-mail address: vickiwyatt@wyattgroup.biz


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Clients have FREE PARKING in the lots around our building at the corner of 4th and Walker, which is the Mid-Town Plaza area of downtown Oklahoma City.





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